We are really happy to invite you to the first MEDICAL ENGLISH COURSE FOR VETERINARIANS, STUDENTS AND TECHNICIANS made 100% by vets. It was designed by Natalia Strokowska DVM MRCVS to answer the needs of vets and vet students wishing to work abroad. Learning medical English has never been easier. We believe that no non-specialist lector can fully explain complicated terminology in clinical context, and only veterinary professionals are truly able to do so. Are you ready to join us and start your career in English?

photo: IVSA Cracow

Since 2019 we organise the course in form of E-CLASS only. This form of learning is a combination of a stationary and e-learning course. We have gathered a positive feedback from our students and wish to continue work according to possibilities that technology give us.

Stationary course – consists of 30 hours of group classes with lector. We can organise it in your city. Prices are set up individually, depends on the distance and number of participants.


Mix of stationary and e-learning. We gather together for a class which is conducted live by one of our lectors via Zoom. The lesson looks and feels like a stationary one but you can enjoy learning in your comfort zone đŸ˜‰


STANDARD course is designed for vets and senior veterinary students (4, 5 and 6th year of studies). It consists of 30 hours of group classes and 15 hours of your own work – 45 hrs in total. This course is more complex and focused on clinical cases, advanced terminology and requires previous clinical experience from participant.
We strongly recommend students to be already familiarized with clinical subjects such as small animal internal medicine, surgery, reproduction and infectious diseases.

In STUDENT course you are offered 30 hours of group classes. It is targeted at junior veterinary students and veterinary technicians. This is a great opportunity to learn veterinary medicine in English and repeat topics already known from school. You will quickly start building your medical vocabulary and use is in practice.
This course is more basic and focused on anatomy, physiology, clinical signs and student role in veterinary consult room. We focus on getting confidence in clinical case discussions and correct physical examination.


For every two hours of work with our materials on the e-learning platform, you will get 1 hour Skype consultation with our lector and second student – 15 hrs in total and 30 hours of your own work.
During the course students will work in pairs as it is supposed to motivate them, make the evaluation of their knowledge easier and develop their teamwork skills as well.

The course syllabus will be shared with participants via Google Drive platform in exclusive folder. The course materials contain class sheets, videos, articles, quizzes, exercises, readings and case reports related to veterinary medicine. Each week students are supposed to choose the date of meetings with the lector and Skype lessons for progress evaluation, speaking and pronunciation.

We made this course especially for those of you who wish to work abroad, go for ideal internship, job or volunteering. Would you like to be able to read medical books in English? Do you plan to participate in the conference abroad? Do you want to study or work in English-speaking countries? This course is tailor-made for you! Over 100 veterinarians and veterinary students have already trusted us.

We have already organised stationary courses in Warsaw, Lublin, Poznan, Cracow and Leipzig. We are flexible and if there is need we can organise the course in your city – in Poland and abroad đŸ™‚

photo: IVSA Cracow