Internet is full of free online resources for learning Medical English. If you would like to learn more, study new terminology and check your knowledge in the quiz – attempt a great course prepared by Des Moines University.

Syllabus is shared into few sections – from basics, through body systems to overview of different medicines and their actions. Some great examples:



Good news Bad news
Benign Malignant
Low grade High grade
Radiosensitive Radioresistant
No metastases metastases
Well differentiated Poorly differentiated
Negative nodes Positive nodes
In remission Relapse
Surgically resectable Inoperable

Different directions using correct medical terminology:



Endo = within, inside of endoscopy (to inspect the inside of an organ or space with a lighted instrument)
Peri = around perianal (around the anus)
Circum = around circumcise (cut around)
Retro = behind retrosternal (behind the breastbone)
Epi = upon, on top epidermis (the top or outermost layer of skin)
Trans = through transurethral (through the urinary exit duct)
Intra = within intravenous (inside the veins, e.g. IV fluids)
Sub = below subclavian (below the clavicle = collar bone)