photo: IVSA Cracow
photo: IVSA Cracow

We are really happy to annouce, that new edition of our course will start in October this year in Poznań. The course will be organised for both students and veterinarians. It is planned to accomplish the course in three selected weekends (Saturday-Sunday) in October and November. 15 classes of 2 hours require to finish student course (5 days) and additional last day will be intendend for those participants who will choose standard course (6 days). In the last day we will spend more time on advanced terminology, discussing clinical cases and practising clinical presentations.

Proposed dates of classes are:

1-2nd October, 29-30th October, 26-27th November.

We chose this flexible weekend form of our course to answer the needs both of students and veterinarians. Classes will be held in the University of Poznan. The fee for student course is 800 PLN, and standard course 1200 PLN. Fell free to apply on

Details and course agreements will be sent to interested students and veterinarians. Deadline for application is June 30th 2016.

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