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We guarantee a high level of teaching in family atmosphere. We stress on practical approach, which allows for quick learning of medical English by vets. Classes take place in stationary and E-learning forms.
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Course syllabus

Our topic selection answers the needs of veterinary surgeon and student wishing to pursue career abroad. Extensive studying of correct medical terminology is based on case discussions, article reading, watching webinars and videos. We focus on proper pronounciation, correct language use and understainding complex clinical context.

Our lectors

Meet the team that will take your Medical English to the next level.
Natalia Strokowska DVM MRCVS
Natalia Strokowska DVM MRCVS

Lecturer, translator

Locum vet with love for exotics. Experienced Medical translator and passionate teacher with academic background.

Marta Korpak DVM MRCVS
Marta Korpak DVM MRCVS


Locum vet with a special interest in emergency medicine. Devoted teacher who loves to share her experience with students.

Marta Klimczak
Marta Klimczak


Senior veterinary student with passion for languages. CPE certified English teacher. Runs classes for students and techs.

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