natalia_strokowskaNatalia Strokowska DVM: graduate of the faculty of veterinary medicine in the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in 2014. PhD student of the Clinical Sciences Study of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in WULS. Participant of undomesticated animals’ diseases specialization study. Member of Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Subject of her PhD thesis: Diagnostics of  Distomum musculorum suis in wild boars in Poland.

She has been studying English since she was seven years old. She visited 66 countries, ran her medical practice on five continents doing her internship in English-speaking countries including USA, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Kenya and South Africa. She has been pursuing a successful career as a medical English translator and teacher for several years.

She would depict herself as resourceful Cracovian with extremely fertile imagination, and animal lover who is keen to follow in their wake. Moreover, she is a movie buff and film music enthusiast, passionate about exotic cuisine and vintage wine. She finds practicing yoga, cross-fit, dancing and playing squash extremely relaxing, as well as reading about destinations that she has not yet visited. Her professional interests are domestic and exotic animals likewise surgery.


Marta Korpak DVM has been running her medical practice as a doctor of veterinary medicine for 5 years now. She graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences and moved to Warsaw were she started working as a doctor of veterinary medicine. From the very beginning of her professional career she paid particular attention to self development and participated in every possible course and lecture she could find.  It wasn’t long, till she discovered English supplies as a substantially valuable source of knowledge. Since English accompanied her from the early stage of her life (she spent several years in England with her parents) she was quick on the uptake and learning the core medical terminology was a piece of cake for her.  Participating  in Natalia’s course was also a game changer for her.

Since then things progressed in leaps and bounds, from specialist medical translations to joining our teaching staff last year. Currently Marta divides her time between her practice in a respected veterinary clinic in Warsaw, gaining knowledge in emergency medicine and intensive care, teaching medical English and training cross-country running in the Polish mountains, which is her true passion.

Marta_KlimczakMarta Klimczak is currently doing her degree in veterinary medicine in the Warsaw University of Life Sciences; she is a 4th year student. She would point to pets such as dogs and cats as the closest to her heart, as there is a unique bond between them. She is particularly interested in dermatology and cardiology.

Thanks to the course of medical English Marta realized, that combining her future profession with passion for foreign languages is a promising career path. She obtained her CAE certificate shortly after graduating from high-school, and two years later in 2014 she passed CPE. In our team she helps with teaching English to veterinary technicians and students. Her extensive experience in working as a lector in prestigious language schools in Warsaw confirms, that her language and teaching skills are exceptional.

Privately, she is genuinely fond of literature and visual arts, contemporary art in particular. In the spare time she’s keen on painting, specifically portraits in oil. This is where she draws her inspiration and creativity to enthuse her students during every classes from.